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#PROTECT2020 is a national call to action initiated by CISA, the lead federal agency responsible for national election security, to enhance the integrity and resilience of the Nation's election infrastructure, and ensure the confidentiality, truthfulness, and accuracy of the free and fair elections necessary for our American way of life.

#Protect2020 Strategic Plan

Understanding Foreign Influence

Recognize the Risk

  • Foreign actors might build an audience by starting or joining groups and spreading entertaining, non-controversial content. Eventually, they sprinkle in disinformation and steer followers to more extreme positions. The same actor will do this in many groups and pit them against each other.

Question the Source

  • Foreign actors can spend a lot of money to make disinformation seem like entertainment or news. U.S. laws require such agents engaged in political activities to disclose their relation to foreign governments. Look for those disclosures and think about what slant that relationship might put on how they report before accepting it as truth or linking to it online.

Investigate the Issue

  • Do a quick search for other reliable sources before sharing a controversial or emotionally charged article, post, tweet, or meme you read. Studies show that being well informed requires getting information from many places. If it isn't from a credible source or if you can't find a second reliable source, don't share it.

Think Before You Link

  • Take a moment before sharing a link, email, or other message. Disinformation is designed to make you feel angry, shocked, or smug - always ask yourself why you're sharing first. Are you posting to improve the conversation? Taking no action can be the best way to improve a discussion and thwart disinformation.

Talk to Your Circle

  • It's probably not worth engaging with every piece of disinformation, but if you are concerned with its spread you may want to speak out. Share what you know about the risks of spreading disinformation and how to handle it. Confronting with emotion may backfire, so when possible, combine humor with facts.

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